Lyn Lifshin

There Was a Girl

don’t jump to conclusions. Yes she was in clothes that looked like mine at the edge of the fire place when suddenly, in the coals, a man seemed to leap out. He was a dancer, a conjurer, disappearing behind wild flame only to stand before her like an oak. I think of that Indian film where a woman no man is wild for marries a tree. Then his branches sweep her off, yes, the old cliché, her feet, grazed the dance floor. Then, a sudden leap as if the spring of a watch had broken before her.. Velvety, he kept saying her voice was. It was the velvety flute sound that made her remember this but the waltz shifted like a building collapsing. It was all staccato, it was a dangerous tango. It was long ago but the feel of his body won’t dissolve

Lyn Lifshin has published over 125 books and chapbooks, given over 700 readings and edited four anthologies of women’s writing. Her collection Another Woman Who Looks Like Me was selected for the 2007 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence. Persephone was published by Red Hen Press in October 2008. For other books and information, see her Web site: